Friday, April 3, 2020

The LAST Today's book of poetry

Hello all you beautiful poetry monsters. 

Due to circumstances beyond our control Today's book of poetry will no longer be posting a blog/review.

I would like to thank each and every publisher, poet, and press agent I've had the pleasure of dealing with.

Today's book of poetry is one of the better experiences I've had in my life and I would like to thank you all for it.

Publishers, take note, Today's book of poetry will no longer be answering emails or requests.  Once again, thank you for letting me create Today's book of poetry.  I got to read so much fabulous poetry, it really was the best job in the world.

Sending love and peace.

Michael Dennis

Thanks for all the peaches.


  1. So sorry to hear this, Michael. But I know it was a lot to do when you have your own writing to think about. It introduced me to interesting poetry and I thank you. And I thank you for taking the time to review my own book. Hope you’ll keep the blog accessible for at least a while?

  2. Evening Street Press is grateful for all of your work both in reviewing our books and with keeping the public aware of all the good writing that is being done. Stay safe and well.

  3. Oh I am sad to hear this. I dipped in and out of this blog, shared it, purchased poetry I would never have known about. Thanks so much.

  4. Sixteen Rivers Press is so grateful to you for your support of our books over the years. Thank you for your devotion, your wit, and, not at all least, your own poems. I'm going to post one later by way of introducing three Canadian poets to some of my pals in the US. So strange to see this post today, having planned my own post to honor and thank you.

  5. This news is burnt toast and I don't like it, so now will sulk!

  6. Thanks so much Michael. It hardly seems enough for all that you've done for us poets.

  7. I'm so sad to hear of this, Michael. This is one of my favourite poetry sites. I found so many great poem and poets here. I hope everyone is healthy and safe. Love and peace to you too.

  8. For those reading this blog — poets, publishers, booksellers, readers — you might like to know that I've started up a gofundme campaign to thank Michael for his many years of passionate, selfless, entertaining, educational, generous service to poetry through the 812 books he enthused about on Today's book of poetry. And through his own sublime poems. You can show your appreciation at

  9. Whoops! I'm Stuart Ross and I wrote the above post!

  10. Hi Mike
    Just spoke with Doug and Marg
    Reflecting about some of the memories from another age.working at the Paramount.
    Quarter on its edge. Still have it .


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