70 Kippers, Proper Tales Press, 2020

SpĂžkjelse i japanske drosjar (Ghosts in Japanese Taxis), 2020 

Low Centre of Gravity, Anvil Press, 2020

The President of the United States, above/ground press, 2019

 Caterwaul - Shreeking Violet Press, 2019

Sad Balloon - Monk Press, 2019
Divining - Proper Tales Press, 2019
Bad Engine, Vancouver, Anvil Press, 2017

The Uncertainty of Everything. Ottawa: Burnt Wine Press, 2011.

how are you she innocently asked. Ottawa: Apt. 9 Press, 2010.

on being a dodo. Ottawa: Burnt Wine Press, 2009.

Watching the Late Night Russian News in the Nude. Ottawa: Burnt Wine Press, 2009.

Smile. Ottawa: Burnt Wine Press, 2009.

Coming Ashore On Fire. Ottawa: Burnt Wine Press, 2009.

forgiveness, my new sideline. Toronto: Proper Tales Press, 2009.

Arrows of Desire. Renfrew: General Store Publishing House, 2006.

Poems For Another Poetry Reading. Toronto: LyricalMyrical Press, 2006.

All Those Miles Yet To Go. Toronto: LyricalMyrical Press, 2005.

This Day Full of Promise: Poems Selected and New. Fredericton: Broken Jaw Press (Cauldron Books 2), 2002.

no gravy, no garlands, no bright lights. Ottawa: Privately Printed, 1999.

what we pass over in silence. Ottawa: above/ground press, 1996. 

the on-going dilemma of small change. Ottawa: above/ground press, 1995.

missing the kisses of eloquence. Burnstown ON: General Store Publishing House, 1994.

what we remember and what we forget. Hull: Bobo Press, 1993.

Fade to Blue. Vancouver: Pulp Press, 1988.

Portrait. Brandon, MB: Dollarpoems, Brandon University, 1988.

wayne gretzky in the house of the sleeping beauties. Toronto: Lowlife Publishing, 1988.

so you think you might be judas. Charlottetown: Privately Published, 1987.

poems for jessica-flynn. Ottawa: Not One Cent of Subsidy Press, 1986.

no saviour and no special grace. London: South Western Ontario Poetry, 1983.

sometimes passion, sometimes pain. Peterborough: Ordinary Press, 1982.

quarter on it's edge. Peterborough: Fast Eddie Press, 1979.


  1. Michael,
    I have just looked through the covers of your books.
    As mentioned i am now a photographer, but worked for 20 years in publishing.
    The covers are wonderful! Congratulations.
    I look forward to reading the poems.
    Kim Patrick O'Leary

    1. Thanks Kim. Many of the covers are things I thought of, some were arbitrary and decided without me. I think my favourite so far was "coming ashore on fire", the painting, which was done for the book is by Angela McFall. The design was Bruce McEwen. He IS Burnt Wine Press and does a wonderful job with my stuff.


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