Thursday, March 7, 2013

Today's book of poems: My Life In Pictures, Christian McPherson. Now Or Never Publishing, 2013. Stephen Brockwell and Christian McPherson are both friends of mine. Not acquaintances but friends. As much as I would like to think I am unbiased, I usually love the work my friends do and this book is no different.
My Life In Pictures is McPherson's third trade book of poetry, a great accomplishment by any standard. These poems form one autobiographical narrative and it is a feat of sustained thinking because each poem is a study of a specific movie as well. Individually, I don't think these are Christians strongest poems (although the best of them are excellent), but collectively they work very well. It is an unusual and self imposed format, to define your life poetically through the narrative of films of particular years.
Most cats out there are swattin' pop-ups and grounders, McPherson is swinging for the fences, falls on his ass when he misses, hits them out of the park when he connects.
Look for this book.

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