Friday, December 13, 2013

The year so far...

Today's book of poetry will be seen tomorrow.  Until then, here is a list of the blogs/reviews so far:

The Flower of Youth - Mary Di Michele
Under the Keel - Michael Crummey
The Polymers - Adam Dickinson
1996 - Sara Peters
The Occupied World - Alice Major
The Fetch - Nico Rogers
There Devil, Take That - Jonarno Lawson
The End of Travel - Julie Bruck
I See My Love More Clearly From A Distance - Nora Gould
A Little Book of Meat - Selima Hill
The Illustrated Statue of Liberty - Bruce Rice
Trivia Thief - Alberto Nessi
High Lonesome - Patricia Lee Lewis
Excerpts From Improbable Books - Stephen Brockwell
Without End - Adam Zagajewski
Song of the Taxidermist - Aurian Haller
The Country Between Us - Carolyn Forche
Deep Water - Ward Maxwell
My Life in Pictures - Christian McPherson
The Chimney Stone - Rob Winger
All That Desire - Betsy Struthers
In This Thin Rain - Nelson Ball
Ghost Music and Fancy Clapping - Mark D. Dunn
When This World Comes To An End - Kate Cayley
Stever Kulash & Other Autopsies - Catherine Owen
The Hottest Summer In Recorded History - Elizabeth Bachinsky
Late Moon - Pamela Porter
Glossolalia - Marita Dashsel
Devilry - Yi-Mei Tsang
The Essential Tom Marshall - Tom Marshall
Ignite - Rona Shaffron
Porcupine Burning - Blair Trewartha
The Wind River Variations - Brian Brett
Between Dusk and Night - Emily McGriffin
Ink on Paper - Brad Cran
Timely Irreverence - Jay Millar
Metaphysical Dog - Frank Bidart
A Grain of Rice - Evelyn Lau
Everything, now - Jessica Moore
Great Canadian Poems for the Aged - Michael Boughn
Selected Poem - Tim Bowling
Undus Mundus - Mari-lou Rowley
Blissful Times - Sandra Alland
Runaway Dreams - Richard Wagamase
Day Moon Rising - Terry Ann Carter
What Happened - Tom Walmsley
Sucks to be You - Suzannah Showler
The Flicker Tree - Nancy Holmes
Gulf - Leslie Vryenhoek
The Truth of Houses - Ann Scowcroft
Hungry - Danial Karasik
White Sheets - Beverley Bie Brahic
Brilliant Falls - John Terpstra
How Poetry Saved My Life - Amber Dawn
Enter The Raccoon - Beatriz Hausner
milk tooth bane bone - Daniela Elza
Skin Like Mine - Garry Gottfriedson
Alien, Correspondent - Antony Di Nardo
Two-O'clock Creek - Bruce Hunter
A Bee Garden - Marilyn Gear Pilling
Alongside - Anne Compton
Teeth, untucked - Nicholas Papaxanthos
The Lease - Matthew Henderson
Ocean - Sue Goyette
Agony - Steve Zultanski
Dark Matter - Leanne McIntosh
The Adultery Poems - Nancy Holmes
Four Hundred Rabbits - Steve Artelle
Phrases - E.D. Blodgett
Whiskey Sour City - Vanessa Shields ed.
Rebel Women - Vancy Kasper
Punchline 1.0 - Aaron Tucker
Masham Means Evening - Kanina Dawson
Need Machine - Andrews Faulkner
You Exist. Details Follow - Stuart Ross
Animal Husbandry Today - Jamie Sharpe
Interruptions In Glass - Tracy Hamon
A Nervous City - Chris Pannell
Trobairitz - Catherine Owen
Indigena Awry - Annharte (Marie Baker)
Too Bad - Sketches Toward A Self-Portrait - Robert Kroetsh
Voices in the Waterfall - Beth Cuthand
Seawrack - David Helwig
Prez, Homage to Lester Young - Jamie Ried
No Ordinary Place - Pamela Porter
That Other Beauty - Karen Enns
Conflict - Catherine McNair
Beckett Soundings - Inge Israel
The Art of Plumbing - Brecken Hancock
In Defense of the Attacked Center Pawn - Jason Heroux
been shed bore - Pearl Pirie
Teeth - George Bowering
For Display Purposes Only - David Seymour
The Song Collides - Calvin Wharton
Rock Creek Blues - Thelma Poirier
Why does it feel so bad? - Simon Thompson
We Are Not The Bereaved - Jesse Eckerlin
Living Under Plastic - Evelyn Lau
Arguments With The Lake - Tanis Rideout
Petrarch - Tim Atkins
Children of Air India -Renee Sarojini Saklikar
Bit Parts For Fools - Peter Richardson
Incarnate - Juleta Severson-Baker
Knife Throwing Through Self-Hypnosis - Robin Richardson
Death Cantos - Diana Arterian
War Reporter - Dan O'Brien
Meeting the Tormentors in Safeway - Alexandra Oliver
What's Best For Us - Linda Crossfield
The Secret Signature of Things - Eve Joseph
X - Poems and Anti-poems - Shane Rhodes
Medallions of Belief - Fred Wah
Previously Feared Darkness - Robert Priest
The Robot Dreams - Michael e. Casteels
The True Names of Birds - Susan Goyette
Infiltration - Ben Groh
The Sound the Sun Makes - Leanne McIntosh
Light Light - Julie Joosten
Thank You For The Window Office - Maged Zaher
Whirr & Click - Madeline Maylor
Rituals - Rae Armantrout
Psychedelic Norway - John Colburn
Bizarre Winery Tragedy - Lyle Neff
Her Red Hair Rises With The Wings Of Insects - Catherine Graham

on deck:
Slack Action - Jeffery Donaldson

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