Thursday, March 6, 2014

First Anniversary Report: Today's book of poetry.

Today's book of poetry:

March 7, 2013 - March 6, 2014

Books of poetry received:  589
Books of poetry read:  356
Blogs/reviews: 167

Readership:  32,500 total, currently over 130 readers a day.  107 countries.

First winner of the KITTY LEWIS - HAZEL MILLAR - DENNIS TOURBIN POETRY PRIZE which was awarded to Nora Gould for I See My Love More Clearly From A Distance.  The prize is awarded by me for the book I enjoyed most.  If Ms. Gould ever shows up in Ottawa I owe her dinner and at least two crying Charlies.

Most viewed blog:  1996 — Sara Peters

Forthcoming in April - A look at all the books shortlisted for the Canadian League of Poets 2014 Raymond Souster Award, 2014 Gerald Lampert Award and the 2014 Pat Lowther Memorial Awards.

Ottawa poet and poetry guru Rob McLennan posted this generous profile of what I've been up to yesterday:

Profile of Michael Dennis, poet and blogger | Open Book: Ontario

The World Shared, poems by Dariusz Sosnicki, translated by Piotr Florczyk and Boris Dralyuk.  BOA Editions.

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